Corporate Name: Digicrafts Co., Ltd.
Established: March.2004.
Capital: 46.5milion Baht.
Directors: Dr. Wiwat Wongwarawipat
Main Bank: SMBC, Bangkok Bank, Siam Bank.
Employed: 61
Head Office: 54 BB Building, 14th Floor, Room 1402, Sukhumivit 21
Road (Asoke), Klongtoey-una, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110, THAILAND.
Business: Provide and develop of digital content’s. Develop of animation. Develop of mobile phone content.
Japan office: 3rd Fl. DELCOHMES 3-22-3 Kouenji kita suginamiku
Tokyouto Japan

- Business -

01. Game product

  ・Employed : 30

  ・Business content:  Provide and Develop of Online game’s 。

  ・Main title:

    1. Arcana Battle Card Online trading card game.
    2. GetAmped Online comic fighting game. (License from Japan)

02. Product of Animation

  ・ Employed : 16

  ・ Business content : Draw and paint.

  ・Main title: Kamityu, AMPANMAN, MUSHIKING, Super Robot Monkey 2nd,                        Content of Pachinko, Etc.

- Original content product -
■Title of English / Arcana Battle Card (ABC)
■Platform / PC(Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP (Thai)
■Genre / Trading Card of Game.
■Money of collection method / Item (56 Items and 220 cards)
・Booster pack x 1  = 40Bath (~US$1.00)
・Items  x 1  = 93Bath (~US$2.49)
■Promotion status  
Domestic in Thailand (Oct/2005 to Oct/2006)
・Number of resisted user / 88,715 Users
・Number of played user per day / 624 Users / day
・Number of new resisted users per day / 258 Users / day
・Number of game play per user / 3 times / User
・Average number of total game play per day / 1,899 times / day
・Core of game play user / Age of 17 to 25
・Ranking of user’s number total / 9,531User’s
・Sold card number / 253,218sheet’s
・Sold booster pack number / 36,174Pack’s